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The University Funds Maurice Chalumeau

According to the will of Mr. Maurice Chalumeau who died in Geneva the 6 June 1970, a "Fund Maurice Chalumeau" is created under the supervision of the Geneva University the 5 March 1971. The purpose of the fund is the creation of a Centre of sexological studies which main objectives are to:

  • Gather a general documentation and build up a library on all the issues of sexology to be made available for interested people
  • Promote surveys and scientific research on human sexuality in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, sociology and law; publish the results and promote their diffusion (see details, Call for proposals)
  • Reward authors who did a work on human sexology: a senior prize of CHF 4'000.- and a junior prize of CHF 2'000.- (see details, Maurice Chalumeau Prize)
  • Organize courses and conferences for practitioners (medical doctors, jurists, sociologists, educators) and for the public in general.

On January 21, 2008, the University Fund Maurice Chalumeau (UFMC) decided to launch a new research program to promote the development and research of projects of highest quality in Sexology, with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches. In order to sustain a scientific research program that can be interdisciplinary, it has been decided to choose a topic representing a main center of interest in the different disciplines that are related to sexology: sexual desire and its implications for the sexual and reproductive behavior in couple relationships, in social and family relationships, in law, and in human sciences.



Fonds Universitaire Maurice Chalumeau

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